Tuesday, July 16, 2024


caste slurs

‘Bas**ad, Cham***to, how dare you build Dharamshala, this is our place’: UP court sentences Akram Mustakeen and Sajid for attacking Dalit labourers

“You bas**rd, Cha**atto (casteist slur), how did you get the courage to build a Dharamshala? This is our place!” the convicts had reportedly told the labourers while thrashing them with batons and sticks.

We will kill you: Zeeshan, Abujar, Nasir and others assault, throw caste slurs at a Dalit youth in Lucknow, try to stab him

Dalit man named Akash Kumar endured case insults and assault at the hands of Zeeshan, Abujar, Nasir and others in Lucknow

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