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Australia to replace all Chinese-made security cameras to prevent intelligence gathering by Beijing

Amid potential security threats from Chinese-made security cameras, Australia has decided to remove them

Karnataka: Madarsa boy admits to lying after CCTV exposes his falsehoods; had claimed he was assaulted by members of other community

The madarsa student revealed later that he made up a bogus claim owing to a lack of sufficient attention at home and school.

Police to install CCTV cameras at Idgah Maidan in Chamarajpet, Karnataka, as Hindus question why only Muslims were allowed to use the site: Details

Due to an ongoing dispute over ownership of the 2.5-acre Idgah Maidan in Chamarajpet, the Karnataka Police has decided to install CCTVs

15 CCTV cameras installed in front of Mahant Narendra Giri’s room were switched off on the day of his death: Report

The police said that all the 15 camera's installed outside the room of Mahant Narendra Giri were switched off on the day of the seer's death.

Delhi: Woman out on parole shot dead by husband Waseem who had affair with victim’s sister

Shaina who got parole just two days ago was shot dead by Waseem, her third husband who had an affair with Shaina’s sister Rihana.

Missing CCTV footage of his society procured by Vaze himself, presumably to destroy the evidence: Report

Vaze had reportedly seized the CCTV footage of his society, stating that the DVR was needed for official use by the police, a report by TV 9 Marathi says.

Delhi Riots Chargesheet: Police use animation to show how rioters had destroyed CCTV cameras in a 3 km radius as per pre-planned strategy

AI-aided animation shows how rioters systematically destroyed CCTV cameras during anti-Hindu Delhi Riots

Watch: As uncle plots kidnapping of niece, mother fights kidnappers to save her 4-year-old girl child in Delhi’s Shakarpur area

The entire plot of kidnapping was hatched by the child's uncle, who had a fight with the child father over some money

From December 2019 to Delhi riots 2020: Here is how Islamist mobs tampered with CCTV cameras to avoid detection as they went on rampage

During the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, Islamists broke CCTV cameras. Police also confirmed no CCTV footage was recovered fro Tahir Hussain's house

Delhi anti-Hindu riots: Video emerges where Islamist mob is seen breaking CCTV cameras minutes before attacking the Delhi Police

This video is reported to be of the February 24 riots unleashed by Islamists in Jafrabad area in North-east Delhi

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