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From 2014 to 31st March 2017, the SP government has apparently spent crores on over 2.5 lac activities which remains unaccounted
HD Kumaraswamy also threatened to dig up old cases against the leaders of the BJP if they try to destabilise the government.
TMC has also accused the board of having indulged in malpractices in the installation of LED lights in the town.
As of now, it appears that the allegations of a scam by either side are merely political rhetoric
Earlier in 2014 he was accused of being involved in illegal mining and land scams.
Mr Gandhi, who is quick to hug the prime minister, would run a mile when it comes to an income tax office: Irani
I watched bits of his primetime show. I felt his views on dissent have evolved between then and now.
This country is above them and the truth needs to be told..repeatedly. 
As the Enforcement Directorate tightened its investigation, senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel's association in this case resurfaced
Earlier too, we had earlier covered how the Gandhis had tried to thwart the Income Tax’ investigation
The Congress party may not find it as funny as the rest of us.
Parody and reality just stop being different when it concerns AAP
According to the ED, Malik had sent through a courier, named Rakesh Chandra 25 lakh to 23, Mother Teresa Crescent, which is the official address of Congress leader Ahmed Patel.
The UP CM has also asked for files of cases of corruption which took place during the SP and BSP rule.
The alleged scams committed by the then UPA government led by Sonia Gandhi has been finally falling into judicial scrutiny
PTI too issued a clarification distancing itself from the misleading news
SC dismissed the plea of Dawood's family in April and had ordered the Indian government to seize and sell properties of Dawood
We hope Congress comes up with an explanation. Though, we are certainly not holding our breath.
The misinformation in the Media is staggering
The files pertain to misappropriation of funds and corruption in the PSU
Karti is already under investigation by CBI and Income Tax too
Yadav on Saturday morning tweeted insinuating that he would retire from politics but by the evening he reverted back and said he is here to stay.
Arvind Kejriwal took over water ministry and become chairperson of Delhi Jal Board in September 2017
The Enforcement Directorate will now seize the property worth 44.75 crores
Deepak Talwar, an infamous lobbyist from the Congress government's era also booked
All other regional parties have their own reasons for joining the Mahagathbandhan, not Naveen Patnaik

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