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IndiaSpend, an organization that runs, is known to publish cooked up data and indulge in selective nitpicking to paint a picture where Hindus are always aggressors and Muslims are always victims, especially, in cases related to cow protection
Mujib, a cow smuggler from Mewat region in Haryana was arrested and an FIR has been lodged
Congress leaders condemn the action of Madhya Pradesh government's decision to invoke NSA for cow related crimes
An allocation of Rs. 242 crores has been made in the budget for grants to Sanskrit Pathshalas in the state. Another 30 crores has been allotted to provide grants to aided Sanskrit schools and degree colleges.
MLA Raja Singh stopped a truck carrying 57 cows and calves, allegedly getting transferred to slaughterhouses.
Two Muslim cow smugglers have mowed down a police constable, Prakash Meshram and injured two others after they tried to stop these cattle smugglers near Warora
Earlier, Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj was the prime suspect in the killing of Inspector Subodh
A local veterinarian confirmed that the cow was sexually assaulted.
Dwivedi said that based on his personal experience he can say that there is no atmosphere in the country.
People on Twitter too had called out at the veteran actor for his remark.
Naseeruddin Shah saheb, with a heavy heart, I must admit that I agree with you. I am scared of the atmosphere of hate in this country, and our neighbouring countries.
The Muslim Gau Raksha Sangh plans to educate Muslim children about cow protection.
In conversation with OpIndia, the villagers have also asserted that there are no "gaurakshaks" in their village. The police also rejected charges of them heaping atrocities on the villagers.
Owaisi mocked BJP because, in its manifesto, it declared that it will distribute 1 lakh cows per year to families who want to have them.
Liberal media continues anti-Modi campaign, using misleading and wrong data
There was a tense situation in the village after people from Hindu communities gathered in large numbers and demanded the arrest of the accused youth.
Liberals do a great disservice to Gandhi by ignoring his sermons on cow protection.
The left-wing propaganda industry has successfully converted the act of cow protection from a social issue into a religious one.
Hindu sentiments are just a location-specific political tool for Congress
Cops suspect the victims' opposition to cow slaughter is one of the prime reasons behind this abhorrent act
Earlier, the Uttarakhand High Court had declared all animals 'legal entities'.
Raja Singh emphasized that 'anything can happen' when he takes to the roads for Gau-Raksha.
The illegal cow smuggling and slaughtering has on a rise recently in India
Just last month, 8 men were accused of gang-raping a pregnant goat in Mewat, Haryana
The truck carrying the bovines was later nabbed by the police
While Congress is doing what it does best, the media has failed and turned into mouthpieces
The Yogi government has set a high priority for cow protection.
The demand has been made by Swami Akhileshwaranand who was elevated as the cabinet minister
Article 48 of the Constitution of India mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.

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