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Subodh Kumar Singh was transferred and removed from the Dadri case after he had refused to change meat found in Akhlaq's house
The police has also lodged two separate FIRs in the current case, one against the alleged cattle slaughter and another against the protests which followed.
The apology appeared in small fonts which could be easily missed
How the 'fake news' about Dadri lynching accused getting government jobs spread.
These were clearly orchestrated such that the discourse can be moved away from developmental issues to divisive ones.
With UP election round the corner, media is expected to push their Dalit and Muslim propaganda.
In a fresh twist, some reports claim meat not from Akhlaq's house
Just like "Church attacks" the initial stories of attacks on dalits and minorities are fizzling out
Rajdeep Sardesai once again reveals his hypocrisy
Blatant untruths and hiding inconvenient facts has become standard practice for media
A reminder to the media on what its role should be
Commentaries given by many BJP leaders on the Dadri type even are shaking the faith in the organization

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