Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Congress leader who threatened to kill Modi warns of ‘joint action’ by Dalits and Muslims

UP Congress has declared open support to militant outfit Bhim Army, with Imran Masood warning of agitations.

Dalit woman molested by Muslim youth, now Agra witnesses Rampur like incident

The incident caused communal tensions in the area, but the police acted and arrested miscreants.

How fake websites are being used by Pakistan to burn India in caste wars

Earlier, Pakistan senate had adopted a resolution that called for exploiting fault-lines in India.

How media dragged in ‘caste’ in a rape-cum-murder case, almost following ‘Pakistan doctrine’

When you invent a caste atrocity where there is none, you are doing disservice to many parties all at once.

‘Focus on Caste’- Deputy Editor of Huffpost India advises Left Liberals on how to counter Right Wing

A though endorsed by Mainstream journalists, Congress party leaders, and civic society

Why the ‘intellectuals’ of India have failed to understand the ‘lower classes’

They claim to speak for them, yet the classes speak in different language. The nightmare has just begun.

Pakistan declares Dalits as different religion from Hinduism in their census

In the religion column of the census form, ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Scheduled Castes’ appear as different options.

Brother of Ravish Kumar, accused in Bihar sex scandal, reportedly hiding in Delhi

Brajesh Kumar was also the Vice President of Bihar unit of Congress but resigned after the charges.

Debunking the article in Economic Times that tried to save Rahul Gandhi

The Economic Times stands totally discredited post UP elections

How ‘alternative facts’ were used by a ‘fact checker’ to show PM Modi in poor light

An article published in Hindustan Times deliberately twisted Modi’s speech to claim ‘half-truths’.

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