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Kaur, a self-proclaimed peace activist, speaking on the Pulwama terrorist attck express concerns over the political aftermath, not the religious hatred that was behind the attack.
What next? Congress Prime Ministerial candidate to speak on 'artificial intelligence'?
He has also been a very vocal Aam Aadmi Party supporter.
Extremely hateful tweets for Modi's mother who is not even a public figure.
This is not the first time Ram has spewed venom
Activism, advocacy, or even social work or journalism, can hardly be apolitical.
The deplorable state of democracy in Indian politics.
Perhaps these 'student leaders' need a reality check.
The Time magazine has hailed someone threatening jail for memes as a free speech warrior
She had allegedly received threats online, but the martyr’s daughter is now sending out threats online.
Now Gurmehar has started receiving support on the basis of the religion she belongs to.
The leftist ecosystem is attacking and maligning anyone who disagrees with her, but we must deconstruct her ideas.
Javed Akhtar was criticizing them for having a viewpoint alternate to his .
The article had exposed the left-liberal hypocrisy over the ongoing controversy around Ramjas College and Gurmehar Kaur.
After media ganged up to make a villain out of him, Randeep Hooda hits back.

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