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Idea of India

Sam Pitroda says people of East India look like Chinese, South Indians look like Africans, goes on a racist rant in an attempt to...

Sam Pitroda claimed that Indians used to coexist in harmony and peace for many years before the BJP came to power.

From praising China to comparing India’s federation to EU, Rahul Gandhi steps up his sub-nationalism rhetoric in his speech at Cambridge University

Speaking at an event titled 'India at 75' at Corpus Christi College at the prestigious Cambridge University hosted by a Congress party sympathiser Shruti Kapila, Rahul Gandhi once again promoted sub-nationalism besides instigating people by calling for a mass movement against the Indian state.

Two different Ideas of India: ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ chants in Bangkok and Rahul Gandhi’s argument that India doesn’t exist as a ‘nation’

For a party which goes with the name Indian 'National' Congress and identifies its stalwarts as founding fathers of the 'nation', Rahul Gandhi's reduced self-worth scores a self-goal while Congress seeks to reinvent itself on a national level.

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