Tuesday, April 20, 2021


India China standoff

Proposed tunnels through Sela Pass in Arunachal to reduce travel time to the China border by an hour

These tunnels in Arunachal Pradesh would make troop movement a lot easier during winter

India vs China – this is why India should not panic and just play for time

While China is an apparent stronger 'enemy', the equations are not as lopsided as they may appear.

China too calls Pakistani media report of Indian soldiers killed by it a ‘fake news’

Earlier India had denied a Pakistani news channel’s claim that China had killed 158 Indian jawans.

Chinese Army conducts drills near border while Chinese media suggests ‘keep calm’

There have been various military drills and exercises near the Indian border by China in the recent past.

How media invented ‘bilateral talks’ controversy between India and China

Going by media reports, it appeared as if China had denied some claims made by India. It was never the case.

Congress and China try to hide meeting between Rahul Gandhi and Chinese Ambassador to India

Both the Chinese embassy and the Congress party denied the meeting, but later accepted after the lie was caught.

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