Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Complaint registered against Hindustan Times reporter Srishti Jaswal for her Hinduphobic tweet against Lord Krishna

Complaint filed against journalist Srishti Jaswal for saing that Lord Krishna was womanizer, fuckboi, and commitment phobic maniac

Story on Tej Pratap Yadav’s wife claiming he was a drug addict withheld due to court injunction sought by Yadav

This report has been withheld in deference to orders of Hon'ble Court

Krishna pointing the Eid moon, how the fake propaganda was busted

The painting is from Tehri-Garhwali style, not Rajasthani or Mughal, as claimed by eminent intellectuals and it depicts no Muslims

BJP’s evolution: from 1996’s Ramayana to 2018’s Mahabharata

Congress' own tactics are being used against them

If the Indian Constitution was framed today, it would have been called ‘communal’

How the Idea of India has evolved and the sorry state that it is in today

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