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Rambling, Mumbling, tripping on stages, and a series of gaffes: Joe Biden’s visibly poor mental health a cause of concern not just for Democrats...

While Joe Biden boasted that he is giving “cognitive tests every day” by “running the world”, on several occasions he had irked other leaders, especially Russian President Vladimir Putin by describing him as a “killer”, crazy Son of a bi**h and whatnot.

‘Loony Left’ takes up generalised global ‘mental health’ concerns and vomits a word salad to blame it on Hindus of India, BJP, and Modi

The article somehow links suicide rates, depressive disorders, neurotic and stress-related disorders, addictions, impact on mental health during Covid lockdowns, exposure to phones and social media as well as unemployment to the Modi government’s mission to augment India's global standing.

Peru officially declares transgender, nonbinary, intersex people as ‘mentally ill’, offers free mental healthcare

The Peruvian health ministry stated that the decision would 'guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health'  for the trans population.

Understanding gaming’s influence on mental health and wellness

Playing online games come with both advantages and disadvantages related to one’s mental wellness.

US President Joe Biden says he recently met French President Mitterrand who has been dead since 1996, raises further questions on Biden’s mental health

It appears as if Joe Biden confused incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron, whom he met during the G7 summit of 2021, with deceased President Francois Mitterrand.

OMG2 is a must-watch: Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s movie makes us laugh, feel, and holds a mirror to the society

Akshay Kumar comes as a messenger of God, to help Mahakaal's bhakt Kanti Sharan Mudgal save his son's life and mental health.

Odour from other people’s sweat can treat social anxiety: Research

Social anxiety is a common mental health condition where people worry excessively about participating in social situations.

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