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Naveen Jindal

‘Kejriwal spent over 8 lakhs per night on hotel stay while moving around in Auto during the day’, claims Delhi politician Naveen Jindal

"You have seen the picture of Arvind Kejriwal travelling by auto during the 2022 Gujarat election. But do you know that he stayed in the Maharaja suite which costs ₹8-10 lakhs daily?" Naveen Jindal remarked.

Business Conclave at SRCC Delhi: Inspiring insights shared by Swami Mukundanand, Naveen Jindal, and Nitin Gadkari

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Delhi is hosting the annual SRCC Business Conclave from 12 to 14 April

Delhi: Hindu Sena president gets death threats from Islamists in India and Pakistan after organising Hanuman Chalisa event to support Nupur Sharma and Naveen...

Deepak Malik, president of the Delhi chapter of Hindu Sena, has been facing threats following a Hanuman Chalisa event in support of Nupur Sharma

Naveen Jindal gets threat of beheading hours after Udaipur incident from one Akbar Alam, had shared video of Kanhaiya Lal’s murder

Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal have been receiving death threats since over a month after a tweet by Alt News' Mohammed Zubair led to widespread violence

Naveen Jindal’s family leaves Delhi amid death threats from Islamists, gets another threat call about hunting his family down

Islamists across the country are baying for the blood of Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal for their remarks on Prophet Muhammad

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