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nipah virus

China’s top military scientist had collaborated with expelled scientist from Canada’s BSL-4 Lab for work on Ebola

Chinese military scientist and a high level officer in the People's Liberation Army, Major General Chen, who developed a single dose Covid19 vaccine was found to have collaborated with a fired Canadian Scientist Dr Qiu for research on deadly pathogens like Ebola.

Nipah threat: Karnataka heightens vigilance on arrivals from Kerala, issues guidelines for monitoring

The case fatality rate of Nipah is estimated at 40-75 per cent making it imperative for the affected states to enhance vigilance to contain the spread of the virus.

NDTV using burqa clad ladies in featured image for Nipah Virus upsets usual suspects, Islamophobia claims fly

Twitter user Sameer even declared NDTV as 'kuffar laetebar' and said he was not surprised NDTV used the image for reporting on Nipah Virus.

Amid Covid-19 crisis, Nipah virus haunts Kerala again as 12-year-old boy dies in hospital, centre rushes expert team

A 12-year old boy died due to Nipah virus infection in north Kerala’s Kozhikode on Sunday morning, causing alarms across the state

Canada’s top microbiology lab sent fifteen “deadliest pathogens” to the Wuhan lab months before the Coronavirus outbreak: Report

The scientist, Dr Xiangguo Qiu, who was responsible for exporting the pathogens to China, was sacked in July last year

From Dengue to Coronavirus: Five instances when Indian politicians called their rivals toxic pathogens

Former JDU spokesman Ajay Alok had recently called party member Prashant Kishor as "coronavirus", claiming he is kept in isolation.

Haryana Minister Vij likens Rahul Gandhi to Nipah virus

Vij is not new to making controversial statements.

Nipah virus: all we know about it till now

There is no vaccination for this, but preventive measures should be taken to contain the infection.

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