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Pallavi Joshi

‘The Kashmir Files’ success: Local businesses offer discounts, incentives to encourage people to watch the movie

Incentives from independent businesses have come as an encouragement for the masses to come out and watch The Kashmir Files in large numbers.

‘They are trying to strike relevance by stoking controversy over The Kashmir Files’: Anupam Kher slams Congress for denying exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

The Kashmir Files is a movie chronicling the genocide suffered by Kashmiri Pandits at the hands of Islamic terrorists

Karnataka: Protests erupts in Bhatkal after a movie theatre reportedly halted the screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ to make way for Radhe Shyam

The protest was withdrawn after the theatre supervisor promised to screen The Kashmir Files at 8.45 pm.

After Haryana, Gujarat makes Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ tax-free in the state

Gujarat Chief Minister's Office as well as the Chief Minister of state, Bhupendra Patel, took to Twitter to make the announcement regarding Kashmir Files going tax-free in state.

Karan Thapar didn’t want Pallavi Joshi in a TV serial because ‘she is dark’, Vivek Agnihotri reveals

Thapar was then heading Home TV. Vivek Agnihotri has written about the incident in his book ‘Urban Naxals’.

Urban Naxals by Vivek Agnihotri : The story of ‘an India where success does not lie in money but surviving’

As someone who has seen the whole Naxal movement first hand, I am glad that Vivek wrote this book to expose them further

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