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Galwan-like clashes at sea? Armed Chinese Coast Guard clash with Philippines Naval Guards in South China Sea, seizes weapons and equipment

A major Galwan-like violent confrontation took place in the South China Sea between the armed Chinese Navy and ‘unarmed’ Filipino Naval guards

India delivers BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to Philippines

The two countries had signed a deal worth USD 375 million in 2022 for Brahmos

Unfortunate that China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson stooped to such low and gutter level talk: Philippines defence minister

The Philippines defense secretary accused a Chinese foreign ministry official of insulting President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The Philippines, Brazil, and Egypt show interest in the Akash air defence missile system after Armenia’s order

The Akash missile is a DRDO-developed system and has been in service for over a decade now with multiple advanced versions of the missile under development by the Akash Team.

Philippines: Explosion during Catholic mass leaves three dead and nine injured

The recent explosion occurred after the Philippine military's announcement that they had killed 11 terrorists, including members of the Dawlah Islamiyah-Philippines, which is a pro-Islamic State organisation.

Philippines to exit China’s Belt and Road Initiative, announces full termination of major infra projects, favours Japanese and Western companies

The Philippines' apparent departure from the BRI is rooted in deep-seated bilateral issues concerning contested territories in the South China Sea.

‘Do not stir up trouble’: China threatens as Philippines removes ‘floating barriers’ placed by China in the contested waters of South China Sea

China threatened Philippines after Philippine Coast Guard said it removed the floating barrier that was deployed by China in the contested waters of the South China Sea

After India, now Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia reject distorted map released by China, dismiss its claims over South China Sea

"This latest attempt to legitimize China's purported sovereignty and jurisdiction over Philippine features and maritime zones has no basis under international law, particularly the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)," a statement by the Philippines government read.

Chinese ship throws ‘military grade’ laser on Philippines Coast Guard vessel, temporarily blinding the crew

Beijing has been trying for years to prevent the Philippine Navy's resupply missions in Ayungin Shoal and has displayed new tactics over the past few months. 

Corrupt dynasty of Philippines, Sri Lanka and uncanny parallels: A cautionary tale and what India needs to do to avoid the same fate

Developments in Sri Lanka as well as the recent Presidential elections in the Philippines need to be analysed so India can avoid the same fate

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