Saturday, September 18, 2021



Nigeria overtakes India in extreme poverty as 44 Indians pull themselves out of poverty every minute: Study

It is estimated that India will completely eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

Tea seller’s daughter’s dreams take off, makes it to flying branch in Indian Air Force

Success stories like these prove how where there is a will, there is a way.

Son of a poor tea seller set to become IAS officer after ranking 82 in UPSC

He had completed his studies after taking out a loan

Women labourers in Madhya Pradesh to get money during pregnancy and after childbirth

Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced various welfare schemes on his birthday

Busting a few myths around Healthcare scheme launched in Budget 2018!

A small attempt to dispel some of the confusion

Remember that crying retired soldier during demonetization? He has no complaints about it

How an out-of-context picture became the face of 'demonetisation disaster'

Surrendered Maoist breaks narrative created by activists of being ‘oppressed poor tribal’

The arrest of a top Maoist commander has threatened to shatter the prevalent narrative

After Rahul Gandhi shows off his torn Kurta, activist buys him a new one

Rahul Gandhi showed his torn kurta in a rally and Tajendar Bagga decided to help him out.

Demonetisation and the miraculous rise of Humanity

Its economic effects will be known in long run, but milk of human kindness is flowing in short run.

Demonetisation – how some in the low income groups are dealing with it

A Mumbai based NGO, Sukrta, tried to find out problems the poor are facing due to demonetisation.

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