Friday, May 7, 2021


Rohit Sardana

Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha justifies Sharjeel Usmani’s hateful rant following Rohit Sardana’s death

Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha on Saturday justified Sharjeel Usmani celebrating the death of Rohit Sardana.

AAP’s Sanjay Singh tries to teach Islamists true Islam, gets schooled by Islamist

Sanjay Singh tried hard to pretend that he knew and understood Islam better than the Islamic fundamentalists.

Netizens trend #JusticeForRohitSardana, claim ‘medical negligence’ behind his death, BJP leaders demand investigation

BJP leader Richa Rajpoot lamented how a physically and mentally fit individual such as Rohit Sardana died within hours of hospitalisation.

‘Liberals’ always dehumanise their opponents: Did it surprise you that liberals celebrated the passing of Rohit Sardana?

Yesterday, 'liberal' Twitter erupted in cheers as news of the death of journalist Rohit Sardana spread everywhere

Islamists celebrating death of Rohit Sardana were not fringe, prove themselves to be mainstream as #StandWithSharjeelUsmani trends

Sharjeel Usmani is not a fringe element. He is entirely a creation of liberal media and its band of 'intellectuals'.

Safoora Zargar celebrates Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana’s death, says ‘maut ka tamasha’ is trailer for ‘Godi Media’

Safoora Zargar today took to Twitter to celebrate the death of Rohit Sardana and hurled abuses against him and 'Godi Media'.

‘He was suffering from Modism’, ‘gaumutra drinking sanghi’: Minutes after Rohit Sardana’s death, Islamists vandalise his Wikipedia page

While dozens of edits were made to the Wikipedia page of Rohit Sardana abusing him, some vandalisms were made praising him also

Newslaundry, ThePrint columnists, journalists, Congress ‘youth icon’ and other Islamists celebrate Rohit Sardana’s death

Islamists on social media are celebrating the death of Rohit Sardana and hurling the worst kind of abuses at him.

Senior Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana passes away due to Covid, was busy helping others even as he suffered from Covid himself

Rohit Sardana, popular news anchor at Aaj Tak, has passed away on Friday after testing positive for Covid-19.

Meet Shokat Ali, the abusive troll who tried to mock Rohit Sardana: Hinduphobic jokes, creepy obsession with a female journo, and a series of...

Shokat Ali appears quite unperturbed by the massive outrage he generated and was being his usual troll self.

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