Monday, June 21, 2021


Rohit Sardana

Newslaundry, ThePrint columnists, journalists, Congress ‘youth icon’ and other Islamists celebrate Rohit Sardana’s death

Islamists on social media are celebrating the death of Rohit Sardana and hurling the worst kind of abuses at him.

Senior Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana passes away due to Covid, was busy helping others even as he suffered from Covid himself

Rohit Sardana, popular news anchor at Aaj Tak, has passed away on Friday after testing positive for Covid-19.

Meet Shokat Ali, the abusive troll who tried to mock Rohit Sardana: Hinduphobic jokes, creepy obsession with a female journo, and a series of...

Shokat Ali appears quite unperturbed by the massive outrage he generated and was being his usual troll self.

Truth bomb by Rohit Sardana triggers AltNews Islamist apologists, complain to Rahul Kanwal who they think can understand their angst

During a live QandA session with viewers on farmer protests, one Shaukat Ali tried to solicit a reaction from Rohit Sardana.

Watch: Rohit Sardana offers hilarious analogy to explain what ‘Godi Media’ means

Rohit Sardana, who is often accused of being 'Godi Media' was asked recently by one of his viewers what the term means.

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