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Soviet Union

Ukraine gets rid of Soviet-era hammer-and-sickle sign from Kyiv statue, replaces it with trident coat of arms

Ukraine has taken down Soviet-era signs from a hilltop monument in Kyiv and replaced the hammer-and-sickle symbol with a trident coat of arms, CNN reported.

Operation Paperclip: How the USA helped Nazi criminals from WWII evade justice to advance its own military ambitions

After defeating the Nazis in Germany, the USA went to great lengths to bring some of the most prominent Nazis home and spent a considerable amount of money and efforts to rehabilitate them, because they wanted the Nazis' weapons and their expertise.

On the 77th anniversary of WWII win, Sitaram Yechury shares iconic picture of raising a Flag at Reichstag, this is how the Soviets doctored...

The Soviets had heavily doctored the iconic World War II photograph, 'Raising a Flag over the Reichstag', taken during the Battle of Berlin on 2 May 1945

Congress funded by Russians? Plurals Party of Bihar resurrects a 1970s issue: Read how

Taking to Twitter, the Plurals Party said that the government's dilemma over the Ukraine invasion is still understandable. However, the silence of the opposition, including the Congress, who pretend to be liberals, is absurd.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy offers weapons to civilians, says anyone can take arms and defend the country

Before Russia launched the full-scale invasion, President Putin had asked Ukrainian soldiers to lay down weapons and go home to their families.

The siege of Leningrad: When Russian scientists starved themselves to death to preserve the future of the world, in a seed bank

Nine botanists from the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, the world's largest seed bank at that time, had starved themselves to death while trying to preserve their collection from Nazi forces that surrounded Leningrad.

Why being a Hinduphobic pays? Tracking the roots of hate that helps builds careers

The gist of this unwritten understanding is that in exchange for acting as enablers for draconian laws, naked fascism, corruption, nepotism, lavish lifestyles and power lust of these dynasties, left was allowed to infiltrate and takeover academics and media

The Afghan war, the roots of the chaos, and the evolution of the world’s deadliest network of Islamic terror: How did it all start?

At first, Afghans backed the Taliban by giving them a chance. For Afghans, who had witnessed a long war, the Taliban promised two things. First, security to Afghans and secondly, a truce among mujahideen groups that continued to fight to control Afghan lands.

Communists’ pseudo-science that wiped out 300 lakh people – and how it is related to Coronavirus

Since farmers are in the news these days, I thought I would tell this story of the Communist war on biology and agricultural science in general.

Espionage Archives: How India’s Communist parties received funding from the Soviet Union during the Cold War

CIA doc reveals India’s parties allegedly took funds from the Soviet Union in exchange for heavy influence on foreign policy.

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