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The New Indian Express

New Indian Express publishes fake news saying Kalaburagi Doordarshan Kendra is shutting down, gets fact-checked by Prasar Bharti CEO

While Kalaburagi Doordarshan Kendra is shutting down analogue transmission, New Indian Express claimed entire centre is being closed

Child marriage of a Muslim girl reported in Malappuram, New Indian Express uses ‘Hindu’ images

The New Indian Express used misleading image for a child marriage case where a qazi was booked for performing rituals, and both the minor and the groom belonged to the 'minority community'.

Media claims ASI who stopped Salman Khan is in ‘trouble’ for airport incident, CISF junks reports

A video of Salman Khan went viral on the internet where he was stopped by a CISF officer to first complete the security check.

Indian Railways refutes New Indian Express report claiming North Indians were preferred over Tamilians in a recent recruitment exercise

Contrary to claim of bias in recruitment, Indian Railways said that 53% candidates selected for Asst. Loco Pilot are from Tamil Nadu

Here’s the difference in how media reported lynching of Muslim victims and the Palghar lynching of innocent Hindu Sadhus

The duplicitous manner in which the media reports on cases of mob lynching became evident in the wake of the murder of the Sadhus at Palghar.

Newspaper helped Telangana govt by publishing fake news, claims ex-employee

The allegations of sexual misconduct against the Editor-in-chief of TNIE is not the only grave accusation being labeled against him. He is also being accused of turning TNIE into a propaganda outlet for political favours.

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