Wednesday, May 18, 2022



Social media questions The Hindu’s claims of Elphinstone stampede victim’s molestation story

The video is inconclusive and it shows the man could possibly be trying to help the stampede victim.

Gorakhpur Tragedy: FIR to be filed against half a dozen people

Updates on the Gorakhpur tragedy. Probe over, FIRs to be filed.

Utkal Express tragedy: what we know so far

Utkal Express derailment: alleged audio tapes reveal negligence, rule out terror plot.

Gorakhpur tragedy, more unanswered questions as investigation progresses

Journalist Neelesh Misra asks a few hard-hitting questions in Gorakhpur tragedy as investigation continues

Gorakhpur ‘hero’ Dr. Kafeel Khan sacked soon after social media dug up his past

Who is Dr. Kafeel Ahmed Khan? A hero or an impersonator?

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