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uri attack

Here are the top 10 most read articles on OpIndia in the year 2016

Ten articles that went viral – based on pageviews – in the year 2016.

Brouhaha over nothing: Why security cover to Arnab is justified

There is logical as well as legal basis for providing security cover to Arnab Goswami.

Surgical strikes – understanding the strategy behind going public with information

Public announcement of the surgical strikes by the Indian Army and Government was part of a well thought of strategy.

Kejriwal adopts Pakistan’s stand to attack Modi

The fine line between being Anti-Modi and Anti-India crossed again

The Modi-Doval doctrine of “Offensive Defence” marks its arrival

The dawn of a new strategic era is upon us.

What to make of the report that 20 terrorists were killed by special forces across LoC

A wrap up of all the information around the counter ops in aftermath of the Uri terror attack.

AAP Goa plays politics when India needs to be united against Pakistan

Instead of uniting against Pakistan, we are splitting up

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