Friday, July 19, 2024


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Trump proposes immediate green card for foreign students who graduate from any US college

Donald Trump floated the idea after being asked by the host if he would promise to "give us ability to import the best and brightest around the world to America."

American version of ‘we have changed strategy, not ideology’: Indian American lawmakers devise a new way to lecture India by saying that India should...

Ro Khanna said that lecturing India on democracy doesn't achieve much because the EAM Dr Jaishankar just doesn't take it like previous ministers did. His sad frustration with Dr Jaishankar rejecting the lectures and sermons coming from USA was evident in his statement.

USA: Over 60,000 official emails of State Dept stolen by Chinese hackers, major Microsoft breach hounds Biden govt

Hackers linked to the Chinese govt stole 60,000 emails from the unclassified inboxes of 10 State Dept employees.

‘Titanic wreckage contains remains of 1500 people’: US govt cites law and a treaty to oppose another expedition by private company down the Atlantic

The U.S. is trying to stop a planned expedition to recover items of historical interest from the sunken Titanic.

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