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Slaves of Modern Protestors: Why I fear the ‘Andolanjeevis’

Black lives matter so let’s shit on the whites. Palestinian lives matter so let’s spit on the Jews. Kashmiri Muslims’ lives matter so let’s whitewash the Kashmiri Hindu exodus. Sunni lives matter so let’s tear down an Ahmadi Mosque. Dalit lives matter so let’s portray a Hindu Brahmin dragging a dead body with his sikha.

“We want our Utopia now!” screamed the human rights, women rights, animal rights, farmers’ rights, birds rights, plants rights activists. “We want a borderless, casteless, genderless world,” the privileged protestors demanded holding placards dressed in dark-coloured clothes and colourful hair. 

Silent went the passerby’s jostling to work to earn two square meals, facing discrimination and hunting for equal opportunities. Wondering if these fancy placards and persuasive slogans would make any real difference to their lives. 

And this is why I fear the left. There was a time when people took to the streets to demand rights and opportunities to be a part of the nation’s growth and development or bring about a visible ‘positive change’. For example, the 72-year-long ‘women’s suffrage movement’ demanding rights to vote or the ‘abolitionist movement’ to end slavery. 

However, protests today are used just like sticks to dismantle the progress cogwheel of any developing or ‘potential enemy nation’. For example Bilkis Dadi and her gang, who are infamous for squatting on roads in the national capital, against a Bill they barely understand. Or the farmers in the anti-Farm Laws protest who think the Government of India will take back NRC-CAA Bills if they scooch longer. 

You may ask what’s to fear about a bunch of doofuses. The fear is that protesting or dissenting has turned into a professional industry. Make cool posters, spill a few rants, latch on to an ‘enemy’ (which is often an entity or a person working against the nation), click a bunch of selfies trampling the victims you are protesting for, hashtag on Instagram and there you are! A professional protestor with the perfect recipe to shoot to fame in minutes. Let’s look at a few examples. 

Slaves of ‘modern protestors’

ISIS slaves 

Who says slavery does not exist in the 21st century? Just the masters and slaves have donned a new mask. 

Yazidis renew calls for international help as thousands of women taken as slaves by ISIS are still unaccounted for. One Kamo Zandinan is in search of her daughter who was kidnapped by ISIS at the tender age of four. 

ISIS declared members of the ancient Yazidi religious minority infidels and embarked on a campaign of genocide. Women were enslaved, children kidnapped and men killed to erase their identity. To date more than 300 Yazidi’s remain missing. 

“He was tying me and beating me hard with a whip because I refused to submit to his brutality, so he raped me,” read the account of a Yazidi woman. Countless such horrific stories are sure to send chills down the spine. 

But a woman protestor was busy pooping on an overturned police car because only ‘black lives mattered.’ Catch hold of any one of the US rioters about the ISIS slaves and there would be a deafening silence. 

Hashtag #PoopingForJustice trended after the woman protestor shat on a police car

Yazidis have been wiped out like some bad memory. But the gash by the Biden administration on Afghanistan is fresh. Locals beheaded for working for the US or Afghan Army, women whipped or stoned for not wearing a hijab, screams of men falling off the aeroplanes in a bid to rescue themselves. 

These aren’t a distant memory but the headlines from a few days ago. We ask “Where are the riots, where are the flags and where are the placards?” They ask “Where is the master’s order? Where is the money?”

Right to Slaughter

The animal lovers in 2012 went topless and slipped in a mermaid tail beneath to spread the message to ‘go vegan.’ The PETA mermaid held signs that read “Sea Life, Not Seafood,” and encouraged people to give up on seafood. 

PETA’s topless mermaid. Image Source: inforum

Interestingly, the campaign was mirrored in India in 2014 by Bollywood actor Richa Chadda who can be seen dressed as a mermaid holding a similar placard. 

Richa Chadda in a PETA campaign. Image Source: PETA website

However, as the little mermaids pose for an Instagrammable photo, the US in 2019 produced a record 27.4 billion pounds of beef. What’s rather surprising is, as per a climate organization report, there has been an intense pushback from the meat industry resisting any attempts to address climate change and greenhouse gas emission issues. 

So much so that multiple committees formed to study the carbon footprint and discourage meat consumption was disbanded within a few months of formation. 

And now here’s a video from Karachi where a cow while being lifted using a crane around Bakri Eid fell to death as people around watched unmoved.

In Pakistan alone, as many as ten million animals are sacrificed every year on Eid. No matter who holds a placard or goes topless, can you point out a single policy change or impact these protestors have brought about to ‘Save Animals’?

Oppression as per convenience 

“Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death.” This is the definition of Human Rights that we have known all this while. 

However, talk to a professional protestor and he/she/it/them/they will say, “Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to ‘people chosen by us’, from birth until death.”

Is it not true? Black lives matter so let’s shit on the whites. Palestinian lives matter so let’s spit on the Jews. Kashmiri Muslims’ lives matter so let’s whitewash the Kashmiri Hindu exodus. Sunni lives matter so let’s tear down an Ahmadi Mosque. Dalit lives matter so let’s portray a Hindu Brahmin dragging a dead body with his sikha. 

Notice how your human rights don’t necessarily belong to you but to the ‘protesting industry.’ They determine who are oppressed and who are the oppressors, they decide who should get their rights and whose rights should be snatched away. The victims and the protestors are mere puppets of these ‘industrialists.’ 

The dilemma

The more you get into this cobweb, the more you realize the so-called protestors are the real oppressors. 

This is how it works: a regular non-Muslim citizen comes across an image of an Afghan woman hidden in a chador and Tweets about her getting freedom. The so-called voices representing the oppressed Muslim women will quickly denounce the social media user, call him/ her Islamaphobic and declare the burqa a personal and empowering ‘choice’. 

In an example from 2018, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson remarked that Muslim women wearing the burqa “look like letter boxes”. Within no time, he was accused of Islamophobe, burqa-clad Muslim women took to the streets to assert their identity and were reports of “increased attacks on the Muslim community.”

A woman wearing a burqa protested near Boris Johnson’s constituency office. Image Source: The Conversation

PS: Meanwhile, the Hindu community is being preached by advertising and clothing brands to do away with ‘Kanyadaan’ to escape the ‘apmaan’. (*insert rolling eyes emoji*)

Here’s a recent example. Indian journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani in a bid to justify the real oppressors hailed the Taliban and expressed joy over them allowing women to protest.

Sherwani whose clear agenda is to take on the ‘threat of Hindutva’ while sitting in India, very conveniently left out the aftermath of those protests in Afghanistan. The editor of TheWire, a left-leaning media house running well in a democratic country who shot this monologue in a bright lemon yellow saree also falsely claimed that ‘hijab’ has been a part of Afghanistan’s culture and will continue to be so, hence, one must not get perturbed by it. 

See how the ‘voice of the oppressed’ further victimized and oppressed the group instead of helping them gain their rights and freedom? 

These voices should have been up against the Taliban regime, showing the real culture of Afghanistan. However, they failed to do so and several Afghan women themselves took to social media to advocate their “real culture” and “identity.” 

Now you understand why I fear the left who have championed the ‘art of protesting?’ Because these messiahs are here to amplify their agenda by feeding off the miseries of the oppressed.

So next time you think a placard is going to save your life. God help!

In the next part, we see ‘why are the Hindus on the common hitlist of the left, communist and Islamists,’ essentially all those who form a part of the ‘andolanjeevi’ group hell-bent to ‘dismantle Hindutva.’

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