Friday, December 3, 2021


Vikram Sampath

Author Vikram Sampath hits back at ‘historians’ and trolls who attacked him for saying that history textbooks give prominence to Muslim invaders

Historian Vikram Sampath hits back at 'historians' and trolls with evidence how history textbooks glorify Muslim and ignore indigenous rulers

Shashi Tharoor admits Congress downplayed destruction of Hindu Temples, justifies it with ‘nation building’ excuse

According to Shashi Tharoor, it appears that he believes true history should be covered up because it might open up wounds.

Vikram Sampath, who authored books on Veer Savarkar, gets elected as Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Royal Historical Society is the United Kingdom’s (UK) foremost society working for historians and history since the past 150 years.

All India Radio under Congress sacked Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar for creating musical composition based on Veer Savarkar’s iconic poem: Details

In his interview with ABP Majha in 2018, Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar admitted that he was summarily dismissed from his job at AIR because he chose to render musical composition of Veer Savarkar's poem

Renowned author Vikram Sampath out of danger after battling COVID-19 for 3 weeks

"My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stood by us & prayed!", wrote Vikram Sampath after recovereing from Covid-19

Historians need to reevaluate our freedom struggle: Vikram Sampath talks about Congress being a British creation, Savarkar and more

An interview with Vikram Sampath, the author of the book, 'Savarkar: Echoes of a Forgotten Past'.

Is Karnataka police carrying out a prejudiced probe in the Gauri Lankesh murder case?

The police is now rounding up "random" people for questioning

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