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Vikram Sampath

‘Congress leaders never went to Kaala Paani’: Historian Vikram Sampath speaks about Savarkar, Indian history, Hindutva and more on ‘The Ranveer Show’

Vikram Sampath made special mention of a petition wherein Veer Savarkar sought the freedom of every other political prisoner in Cellular Jail in exchange of his own continued incarceration.

‘Figments of vile imagination’: Historian Vikram Sampath slams actress after she falsely claims freedom fighter Veer Savarkar was convicted of rape

When social media users sought evidence to back her outrageous claims, the actress began searching for sources on social media.

Delhi HC directs Twitter to remove five more defamatory tweets posted by Audrey Truschke against Historian Vikram Sampath

Delhi HC said that despite court order, Audrey Truschke continues to post defamatory material against Vikram Sampath

Savarkar, Kashmir, Constitution: Books and movies questioning established narrative upsets leftist intelligentsia, here is why

A slow stream of books and movies opposing the established leftist narrative appeared on the horizon. Works challenging the leftist version of events from India's past.

Audrey Truschke makes her battle against Vikram Sampath personal? Sampath’s Wikipedia page vandalised by Truschke supporters: Details

Pro-Audrey Truschke Wikipedia editor found to be adding unverified allegations against Vikram Sampath on his Wikipedia page

‘Seek remedy for non-compliance of restraint order instead of seeking injunctions’: Delhi HC to Vikram Sampath on his plea against Audrey Truschke

Delhi HC told Vikram Sampath that open letter with fake signatures by Audrey Truschke against him is not defamatory

Audrey Truschke blames ‘Hindu Right IT cells’ after her hate letter against Historian Vikram Sampath was found with forged signatures

The sophisticated hate-mongering through academia was not enough, that Audrey Truschke's hate letter against Vikram Sampath was found to have falsely added names.

More ‘concerned scholars’ including Pratap Bhanu Mehta distance themselves from controversial letter by Audrey Truschke against Vikram Sampath

Pratap Bhanu Mehta and others distance themselves from the controversial letter against Historian Vikram Sampath

Ram Guha, Sanjay Raut distance themselves as ‘Concerned Scholars’ after a letter purportedly signed by them against Vikram Sampath goes viral

The letter also contained the signature of fugitive hate preacher Zakir Naik (listed as an academic from Islamic Research Foundation) along with Guha and Sanjay Raut

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