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Voice of Khurasan

Exclusive: ‘Hit polytheists with cars, cut stomachs with knives, burn Temples’ – ISIS calls for genocide of ‘cow-worshippers’, targets Ram Mandir, PM Modi, Nupur...

ISIS calls for a genocide of Hindus, attack on Temples and more, calls for the murder of PM Modi, Nupur Sharma and others

‘We will come with swords in our hands to slaughter you collectively’: What ISIS magazine says on Hindus, Ayodhya, NIT Srinagar issues and more

In its latest edition, ISIS mouthpiece Voice of Khurasan threatened to commit slaughter against India and Hindus over issues ranging from Ayodhya to NIT Srinagar controversy.

Days before Hamas launched a brutal attack on Israeli civilians, ISIS mouthpiece had called for the extermination of Jews and Xtians ‘enemies’

The ISIS mouthpiece 'Voice of Khurasan' had published a vicious piece calling for violence against Jews and Christians.

‘Take revenge, burn Hindus alive’ ISIS calls for killing Hindus in its latest magazine, quotes ‘journalist’ Meer Faisal to spread disinformation

ISIS called for burning Hindus alive in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine "Voice of Khurasan"

ISIS mouthpiece ‘Voice of Khurasan’ glorifies SIMI and PFI members, calls them innocent

In last week's edition, ISIS magazine 'Voice of Khurasan's sympathised with SIMI and PFI members and called them innocents.

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