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Why Arvind Kejriwal is afraid of taking action against Satyendar Jain? Kapil Mishra writes

The CBI has filed an FIR on Satyendra Jain and his Dharam Patni Poonam Jain for disproportionate income and money laundering. Preliminary enquiry by CBI has found that Satyendra Jain is running a network of shell companies and was using hawala money for purchasing land and was also changing government policies to ensure an increase in the price of land purchased by him.

Today, everyone in Delhi political and media circles knows that its an open and shut case of public corruption and sooner or later Satyendra and his wife will be arrested and jailed. Being an IRS officer, Kejriwal understands the seriousness of the crime more than anyone.

All the documents related to his black money, documents of how he was converting black money into white through Kolkata based hawala operators, documents of all shell companies owned by him and his wife and papers of benami land deals done by Satyendar Jain and how land policy was changed for those specific areas, everything is in public domain already.

Every single officer in Delhi Sachivalay knows that it’s just a matter of time. When people reporting to you know that you are corrupt and will soon be in jail, there is a complete loss of credibility. Today, this is what Delhi Governance is suffering from.

Remember, last year, when Kejriwal asked cabinet minister Aseem Ahmed Khan to quit because there was an audio clip in which khan was allegedly seeking money for work? Kejriwal handed over the case to CBI for further investigation and asked Khan to quit till he comes clean in investigation.

Things have totally changed since then. This time the CBI has completed a preliminary enquiry, found evidences, have done cross examination with various witnesses and only after being sure of all facts and evidences, CBI has gone ahead and filed FIRs against “The Jains”.

But Satyendra Jain is not Aseem Ahmed Khan. Rules of the game have changed. In fact, it’s a new game altogether that Kejriwal is playing. And in this new game, Satyendra Jain is indispensable for Kejriwal.

Why can’t Kejriwal ask Jain to resign till he comes out clean in investigation?

Simply because Kejriwal is too deeply involved in the crimes done by Satyendra Jain. His close relatives were directly benefitted by Jain, who illegally modified government policies and broken series of tender laws and processes after getting approval from Kejriwal the CM.

From transport to land, health to PWD, he was literally bringing the entire city government to halt due to his ever changing policies and arrogantly flouting all the processes and procedures. Fake bills were provided by saadhu (brother in law) of Arvind Kejriwal, Surender Bansal to PWD, the ministry headed by Jain. As of now, ACB is enquiring into bills worth Rs. 10 crores where no work was carried out. All this took place not only in consultation but with approval from the Dehil CM.

There are so many instances when officers were angrily summoned by the Delhi CM if they objected to any illegal order by Satyendar Jain. Taking away Transport Ministry from Gopal Rai or Urban Development from Manish Sisodia are examples of what was happening when someone was hesitant to follow Jain’s instructions. No one is indispensable except Satyendra Jain.

Kejriwal knows that Jain will soon be arrested but he can’t afford to make Jain upset even now. Jain knows everything, he has all the details. Jain knows real Arvind Kejriwal better than anyone including his wife, Sunita Kejriwal.

Why is Kejriwal silent? Because he just knows his time is up. Once Jain and his wife are arrested, they will tell more than what even enemies of Kejriwal can believe.

(Kapil Mishra is an MLA of Delhi Assembly and a rebel AAP leader. He was a minister in Delhi cabinet headed by Arvind Kejriwal, but was removed from the party and post after he levied corruption charges against Satyendra Jain and subsequently Arvind Kejriwal. The views expressed by the author are his own.)

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Kapil Mishra
Kapil Mishra
Kapil Mishra is a BJP leader and a former member of Delhi Legislative Assembly.

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