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After Modi launches #MainBhiChowkidar campaign, Congress shows #TheyArePappu

Clearly, the art of satire is lost on the grand old party

Congress party is a joke which writes itself. Earlier today, Prime Minister Modi launched the #MainBhiChowkidar campaign on Twitter where he urged everyone to take a pledge that they will also act as a ‘chowkidar’ (watchman) of India against the evils of the society.

Part of the campaign was an automated personalised message from the Twitter handle of Narendra Modi which thanked the tweeter for pledging the support to the movement. The tweet would be addressed to the first name as mentioned in the Twitter handle.

Such names were also a source of amusement for a lot of people.

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Amidst all this, some Twitter users even poked fun at Prime Minister Modi. However, Congress, which seems to have taken upon itself to prove that the collective IQ of those who handle to social media account is lower than that of the party president, failed to register satire in the jokes.

In a tweet, Congress shared two screenshots, one which was addressed to ‘Narendra’ with Twitter handle ‘AmbaniKaChela’ (Ambani’s follower) and other addressed to ‘Nirav’ with Twitter handle ‘NiiravModi’ (the fugitive businessman accused in the PNB fraud, thanking them for their contribution to India’s development. Which is interesting considering it was Congress which facilitated the scamster.

These handles, which were clearly parody accounts, were shared by Congress as ‘buddies’, in an attempt to perpetuate Rahul Gandhi’s lies that PM Modi was somehow responsible for Nirav Modi’s alleged involvement. Clearly, the art of satire is lost on the grand old party, showing how not only the party but even the social media is perhaps run by Pappus (colloquial term for a foolish person).

The alarming lack of common sense was even spotted in Jammu & Kashmir National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, another prodigal son who is a politician thanks to dynasty politics.

Considering how Prime Minister Modi has a knack of converting condescending, elitist remarks on his humble beginnings thrown at him as ‘insults’ by Congress leaders into a matter of pride, Congress and its allies seem more than eager to give the voters a reason why not to vote for them.

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