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As Islamist mobs set buses on fire and attack temples to oppose CAA, Rajdeep Sardesai paints them all as peaceful and patriotic

That Rajdeep Sardesai would give context to widespread riots by Muslim mobs comes as no surprise since Rajdeep had earlier even managed to give context to Dawood Ibrahim's terrorism.

The country has seen widespread riots with Muslim mobs running amuck in an attempt to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act which gives citizenship to the persecuted minorities from neighbouring Islamic nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. From West Bengal to Gujarat and from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka, Muslim mobs have indulged in violence, arson, violence and vandalism. The media has, as usual, played Nero’s guest and maintained a stoic silence, even tried to pain the riots as peaceful protests. Rajdeep Sardesai, one such “journalist” took to Twitter today to spread more lies about the anti-CAA riots.

In his inimitable style, which is both annoying and cringeworthy, Rajdeep Sardesai took to Twitter and say, “At every anti CAA rally, I have spotted only the tricolour and pics of Mahatma Gandhi.. at pro CAA rallies, the saffron flag is seen along with the tricolour.. think about it.. have a good Friday..”.

Essentially, Rajdeep tried to make certain points with his tweet:

1. Anti-CAA rioters and bigots are patriotic

2. Anti-CAA rioters believe in non-violence

3. Pro-CAA rallies are by people believing in Hindutva

4. Anti-CAA protesters are independent and the protests are not politically motivated but are organic in nature.

While the narrative that Rajdeep has tried to peddle is not surprising, it is tragic that such elements lie blatantly and think they can get away with it.

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Rajdeep Sardesai claims that in all the anti-CAA protests, he has seen the ‘protestors’ holding the national flag while in pro-CAA rallies, he has only seen the Bhagwa flag. Here are some pictures that prove Rajdeep is lying in order to form a favourable narrative.

Leaders from DMK, Congress, MDMK and Left parties take part in a protest rally against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Chennai. All party flags visible
‘Jai Bheem’ flags at Jignesh Mevani led anti-CAA rally in Gujarat
Muslim League flags at Anti CAA protest

Twitterati Mr Sinha also posted a video of a pro-CAA rally that he attended last week where Indian flags were clearly visible and proudly so.

It is often said that a man sees only what he wants to see and perhaps Rajdeep, in his desperate attempt to prove that the pro-CAA riots were patriotic, refused to notice the obvious.

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Further, by saying that the anti-CAA protestors were seen holding the image of Mahatma Gandhi, what Rajdeep Sardesai is trying to do is whitewash the massive violence that has taken place by the anti-CAA rioters and brand them as non-violent and patriotic. Muslim mobs have gone on a rampage throughout the country indulging in widespread rioting and violence. Here are some images that might dispel the illusion of Rajdeep that these “protests” were peaceful.

Vandalism by Muslim mob
Policeman injured after Muslim mobs indulged in stone-pelting
Muslim mob almost lynching a police officer in UP

Since December 10th, 263 police personnel have been injured in Uttar Pradesh alone as Muslim mobs ran riots. In Mangaluru, while the media wept for the rioters killed, a Muslim mob went on the rampage and had attacked the police officials on December 19 during the anti-CAA protests. The rioters had attempted to loot arms from Mangaluru North police station, forcing cops to open fire, leaving two protesters dead.

Later, the police had also released video clippings showing protesters bringing stones in an auto-trolley, hurling it at the personnel and trying to destroy the CCTV cameras. Earlier, we had reported regarding similar CCTV footages in which Muslim mob covered with their faces covered, had attempted to destroy CCTV cameras before going on the rampage.

In fact, several functionaries of Congress, Samajwadi Party and radical Islamist outfit PFI have been arrested for the riots.

The hate for Islamists was such, that in Patna, a temple was vandalised during Islamist mobs running riots to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act.

In fact, not just the Muslim mobs running riots, but many ‘peaceful’ rallies against CAA too have seen a blatant display of Hinduphobia. Like this one from Bangalore where the Hindu Om was distorted to resemble the Nazi symbol.

Blatantly anti-Hindu poster at anti-CAA ‘protest’

The anti-CAA protests have seen not just blatant rioting and violence but also the display of shameful Hinduphobia even during protests that did not turn violent. From the Jamia students screaming “Hinduon se Azadi” to others screaming “Kafiro se Azadi” and talks of idols being broken and only Allah’s will prevailing, the riots have the markings of deep-seated Hindu hate.

It is evident that Rajdeep is incapable of seeing Muslim mobs setting the country on fire. Even as the violence started in West Bengal during the beginning of these protests, the media had maintained an eerie silence including Rajdeep Sardesai. As mobs set buses and trains on fire, with scared passengers trapped inside, Rajdeep supposedly saw only the Indian flag being carried by peaceful protesters. In Seelampur, for example, Mosques had allegedly given a call for mobilisation. After that, Delhi was turned into a war zone with rampant stone-pelting, arson and violence. With all of this, for Rajdeep to allege that he saw only the Indian flag at anti-CAA protests only means that he is trying to willfully ignore the violence and anti-Hindu sentiments that the anti-CAA protests have morphed into.

The problem with Rajdeep’s tweet is that he paints all of this that has happened since CAA was passed as peaceful and patriotic wilfully ignoring the riots and the vitriol that has been spewed against Hindus.

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That Rajdeep Sardesai would give context to widespread riots by Muslim mobs comes as no surprise since Rajdeep had earlier even managed to give context to Dawood Ibrahim’s terrorism. Not just that, he had also claimed that the Parliament Attack of 2001 had “excited him”. Further, Rajdeep, the veteran liar had, in his blatant hate for Hindus, given a “political context” to the brutal murder of a Hindu activist.

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