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NOT SATIRE: Hindus must convert to Islam to prove they are ‘secular’, argues article on Leftist website

In this context, the prominence of slogans of La Ilaha Illallah, the Islamic Shahada which means “There is no god but Allah”, acquires a whole new significance.

Liberals have finally abandoned the domain of political disagreement and crossed over into the realm of the insane. In the wake of the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act and the pending NRC, an article published on the leftist website, Countercurrents, claims that Hindus must show solidarity with Muslims in India by converting to Islam. The author proceeds to say that even then it might not be enough.

The article begins with the declaration, “Cow vigilantism, Article 370, Ayodhya verdict and now the evil conjoined twins NRC-CAA. This dispensation is unsurprisingly on an exclusionist rampage and will one leave no stone unturned till they are well on their way to attaining Hindu-Rashtra as they have purported to achieve directly and indirectly.”

The author, after a long litany of propaganda, says, “Amid all this, chants of ‘Hindu Muslim ek hai’ might be all fine and dandy. But I wish to ask Hindus and fellow atheists born to Hindu parents, does this really have grim ramifications on you? A show of support and solidarity is much needed and appreciated, but is it really enough? What I wish to express next is a rather sensitive matter, but if we truly wish to save India from her government, relentlessly seeking a Hindu India, perhaps this might be the only truly effectual way.”

Source: The headline of the insane article

Then, the article declares emphatically, “At this point, I call to all my fellow liberals who are practising Hindus, or atheists born into Hindu faith, to consider converting to Islam. The motivations may be purely political in nature, but I do believe this is one bandwagon that needs to be jumped. Is it not worth considering? Will it not be an apt slap in the face of Hindutva?” It adds, “While it is true that people of all faiths have come out in throngs to condemn the communalising of the ruling dispensation, being the ‘majority’, is it not incumbent on liberals who practise Hinduism to go a step ahead? Is it not time for us to denounce the religion altogether and join the ranks of our Muslim brethren, not just in spirit, but also through action?”

The author also has an answer for those who believe her comments are merely ‘communalizing’ the issue and ‘rabblerousing’ and not utterly bonkers and insane. She says, “Some might impugn this view by calling it a rabblerousing and communalising one. To them, I will like to remind that Hindus and Hinduism have gotten away with far too much for far too long.”

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As a Hindu, if you believe that converting to Islam would have been enough to absolve you of your original sin of being a Hindu, then you could not have been more wrong. The author says, “To be sure, even converting won’t take away from the privilege that we are conferred with. Our lived experiences will continue to remain those of a cocooned, sheltered community with forces like the RSS crying ad nauseum about imaginary threats and persecution. Dissociation with Hindutva while clinging to Hinduism and its virtues is not enough. Nor is it legitimate. Dissociation in the truest sense is only possible by joining the ranks of those who will be in the line of fire in the real sense.”

The whole article reads like satire but there’s no marker that declares it as such. If at a later point in time, it is revealed that the article was a satire or someone pulled a massive joke on a leftist org, we will change the report accordingly to reflect that. However, at this point, there’s nothing to suggest that it is satire, but then in India, Poe’s Law is entirely applicable to self-declared liberals.

Furthermore, the real troubling part is, liberals are now openly telling Hindus that unless they convert to Islam, then they are not tolerant or secular enough. And the implication of the article appears to be that any Hindu who refuses to convert to Islam is a fascist and worthy of condemnation. Thus, the author is effectively arguing that every Hindu is a fascist.

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If this was not insane enough, then the author proceeds to argue that even converting to Islam isn’t enough, the ‘privilege’ will simply not go away. It was marked on the skin the moment a Hindu was born, it appears, and nothing a Hindu does then onwards could wipe the mark of his original sin. The article also proves fundamentally that liberals may claim they are against Hindutva and not Hinduism but in reality, they are actually against Hinduism as a whole.

In this context, the prominence of slogans of La Ilaha Illallah, the Islamic Shahada which means “There is no god but Allah”, acquires a whole new significance. It appears that at least certain sections of the leftist brigade are actually considering converting to Islam. Thus, it again proves that there’s nothing secular about the anti-CAA protests and is propelled by deep-seated anti-Hindu bigotry.

The arguments put forth by the author are merely the next progressive step in the long march of liberalism. The author has merely taken the arguments put forth by liberals to their logical conclusion. This is the word that liberals have built and from Ramachandra Guha to Rajdeep Sardesai, every single liberal intellectual must share the blame for the insanity the current generation suffers from. Every Hindu that refuses to convert to Islam is being called fascist and every single liberal intellectual will have to share the blame for the delusions their adherents suffer from.

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