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Hindus are more confused than ever before in modern India

Among all political parties, the only one that has the guts to call its ideology as ‘Hindutva’ is BJP. Almost all other parties in India are inclined towards secularism (read competition for minority votes). In spite of this fact, there are many core Hindutva voters who threaten to press NOTA whenever the party does something they don’t like.

Shiv Sena, which was seen as a far-right Hindutva political outfit is now shaking hands with Mamata Banerjee. LK Advani, who spearheaded the Ram temple movement ended up praising Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s ‘secular’ credentials.

All these facts point towards one paralysing symptom in India today. The symptom can be labelled as the confused state of Hindus under the onslaught of Lutyens media and leftist inspired interpretation of Indian history. The result of the paralysis is multifold.

  • Hindus don’t know the importance of Ramjanmabhoomi. Some want to build hospitals at the site. Many Hindus are unaware as to why Lord Shri Ram is hated vehemently in secular-liberal circles.
  • In spite of the onslaught of RTE on Hindu run educational institutions, some support the act claiming that it helps the poor.
  • The Supreme court of India which is always eager to regulate Hinduism uses the Quran as a reference to deliver a judgement on Haj subsidy.
  • The government controls Hindu temples and uses the donations of devotees for its expenditure. We Hindus don’t feel that is condemnable.
  • Media and government work overtime to erase crimes of minorities as it did in the Godhra case  (the reason for it could be score political points).

These are few indicators of the paralysing confusion of Hindus in India.

Sita Ram Goel’s assessment highlights that the situation is not reassuring for Hindus

Sita Ram Goel, one of the distinguished historians in his book Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invadershas addressed this phenomenon quite aptly. Goel dedicates the first half of his book documenting the staunch resistance offered by Hindu kingdoms to Islamic invaders until Muhammed Ghori finally manage to defeat Prithiviraj Chauhan in Battle of Tarain.

Goel claims that the Muslim invaders who were initially unable to defeat Hindu kingdoms through valour on battle managed victory through deceit. He says that the magnanimity and fair-play of Hindu warriors was no match to the barbaric and expansionist project of Islamic invaders.

In the penultimate chapter of the book ‘The lessons we have to learn’, Sita Ram Goel writes (emphasis added) :

  • The struggle between Islamic imperialism and Indian resistance, military as well as socio cultural, was long drawn out, lasting as it did over 570 years. The new contest is not likely to last that long due to the changed character of warfare. It is true that we battled against Islamic imperialism for another 550 years and defeated it in the final round in the middle of the 18th century. But it is true that the losses we suffered in terms of territory (Afghanistan, Seistan , Makran), population, social disintegration and spiritual corruption are simply staggering. By the middle of the 20th century, Islam succeeded in consolidating the gains it had made during more than a thousand years of aggression against India.
  • On the other hand, we have come out of the latest contest more confused than ever before, so much so that while a highly humanitarian national culture gets condemned as a a narrow and militant communalism, an ideology of totalitarian terror gets registered as a religion, a closed and theocratic state struts about as secularism, and a fanatic fraternity addicted to frequent rounds of violence passes of as a “poor and persecuted” minority. This situation is far from reassuring.

A repetition of Kashmir is imminent if Hindus remain dormant

Our courts are unable to evict illegal Rohingya migrants from Jammu and various parts of the country. Instead of that, they are demanding a report on their living conditions. Shouldn’t this infuriate a citizen of India?

We are now in a situation where the confusion of Hindus in the name of tolerance is the norm. We are now told that is a crime to desire a Hindu majority in our country. We must note that we live a globe where India is the only major country which can be associated with Hinduism.

  •  Estimates suggest that Hindu population of India will decline further by the time 2021 census is conducted. Still, the reality of Muslim population explosion fails to rattle Hindus. Raising the issue in public fora invites vehement criticism from the ‘intellectuals of India’.
  • Blatant minority appeasement passes of as secularism among the leading intellectuals of the country. Books like Why I am Hinduinvoke idealism and claim that Hindutva ideology is intolerant and bad.

A dangerous future that lies ahead for Hindus if they don’t wake up to the horrible way in which our politics and legal system is working. We are unable to counter and protest against these acts because we are in a confused state of mind. We have tied up our hands in the name of secularism and tolerance which makes us incapable of protesting against minority appeasement.

Sita Ram Goel provides a recipe for self preservation in his final chapter of the book ‘The Nature of National Frontiers’ 

  • Hindu Society Should Seize The State : Hindu society has to make up its mind that it is no longer going to tolerate this degenrate politics which has been disintegrating Hindu society on one hand and consolidating the Muslim Millat on the other. Only a politics created by Hindu consciousness and guided by Hindu ideology can retrieve the sitution and the challenge of Islamic imperialism.
  • Hindu society has to see to it that the central state acquires a Hindu character and gets infused with Hindu consciousness, and that the central government functions as a Hindu government in a Hindu homeland. 

If Hindus of the country do not unite in the political and social domain and elect a ‘secular’ party at a regional or national level, hopes for brighter future of India will diminish gradually. The paralysis of ‘secularism’ in its current format must be discarded and the addiction to minoritarinism and appeasement politics among political parties should be punished severely. Otherwise, we will have replicas of West Bengal, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir in more states of the country.

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