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Now you can have your own apology from Arvind Kejriwal, here is how

Kejriwal wishes Sindhi community 12 days prior to the actual date of the festival

Cheti Chand is supposed to be celebrated on 29th March of this year but Kejriwal seemed to pre-pone it by 12 days
Sagarika Ghosh abuses a man for asking tough questions to Rahul Gandhi in Singapore

Sagarika Ghose gets slammed for her insensitive tweet on the Gandhis

Sagarika Ghose mocked Rahul Gandhi by spinning his decision to travel with his ailing mother into one of his foreign trips

Times of India invents Maharashtra CM’s son and even gets him married

Devendra Fadnavis has one daughter who is school going

U-turn alert: Right Wingers are praising Arvind Kejriwal, read why

Arvind Kejriwal has found new fans, though for an unusual reason.

Javed Akhtar slammed for making demeaning remarks about sportspersons

Javed Akhtar was criticizing them for having a viewpoint alternate to his .

Randeep Hooda takes to Facebook to hit back at media bullies who hounded him

After media ganged up to make a villain out of him, Randeep Hooda hits back.

Rumour of Farida Jalal’s death: From Pakistan to KRK to Congress to Indian social media

We track the genesis of the rumour that was spreading fast on Sunday.

Priyanka Gandhi follows in Rahul’s footsteps: Gets massively trolled on social media

Priyanka Gandhi proves she is no better than Pappu

Digivijay Singh stoops to new low: Tweets morphed image to attack Amit Shah

When the truth is not good enough, rely on post-truth.

Social Media outrages as second account of Sonam Mahajan is also suspended by Twitter

Twitter has been throttling voices of a particular ideology

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