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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Ground Report

‘Not the police, Munnan Khan’s goons in uniform fired bullets at me’: Mahant who escaped death during Kar Sevak massacre in Ayodhya in 1990

Several Kar Sevaks and their families have accused then-MLA Munnan Khan of being involved in killing Kar Sevaks during massacre in 1990 in Ayodhya.

Even if shots had been fired, the disputed structure at Ram Janmabhoomi was bound to be demolished that day: An eyewitness account of December...

A karsevak and witness to the demolition of the disputed structure recounted the event which transpired on the fateful day.

Balbir Singh, first ‘Karsevak’ to attack Babri dome converted to Islam to atone for demolition: Karsevaks dispel long-running lie of Islamist-leftist media

For years, several Islamists and the leftist-liberal ecosystem have been peddling a story around Balbir Singh which is that he suffered the worst bout of paranoia for his contribution towards the demolition of the Babri structure and seemingly converted to Islam

Dargahs built on three sides of Mani Parvat in the holy town, preparations underway to build a new tomb near Ganesh Kund: Ayodhya ground...

Mani Parvat, which is surrounded by mazar on three sides, is not only sacred to Hindus but also highly sensitive to security issues as the PAC wing of the Uttar Pradesh Police has a large camp next to these tombs

Men belonging to ex-MP Munnan Khan, man eulogised by leftist media outlet ‘The Wire’, posed as police and opened fire on unarmed karsevaks in...

Munnan Khan roamed in a government roadways bus with his accomplices in places where the movement of karsevaks was strictly prohibited.

‘Police looted jewellery; punished us for chanting Jai Shri Ram’: Families of victims of Sandpur massacre during Janmabhoomi movement recount the horror

The villagers of Basti's Sandpur were gunned down by the then-SP administration during the Ram Janmbhoomi campaign in Ayodhya

Ram Mandir: Read the story of the Sandpur village where Mulayam Singh Yadav’s police fired at all and tortured villagers for sheltering Karsevaks

On 22nd October 1990, on the information of the presence of karsevaks, the local Dubaulia police station team raided the Sandpur village. In this raid, the police had also opened fire.

Shot in the head, put in jail, tortured: Karsevak Jairaj Yadav passed away after fighting death for 32 years, daughters say ‘Ram Mandir a...

Jairaj Yadav encountered a dual setback when the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav implicated him as an accused in the police onslaught on the village

Sacrifice of Satyavan Singh: Police, on orders of Mulayam Singh Govt, encircled his village and opened fire after villagers extended help to Karsevaks

Satyaprakash Singh considers Mulayam Singh Yadav guilty of the firing in his village and of the people killed in it.

16-year-old Ram Chander Yadav, the first karsevak martyred in the Ram Mandir movement: Had gone to save karsevaks, Police shot him in the head

According to Ramnath, there was such fear of the police at that time that the other young members of his Yadav-dominated village also left their homes and hid somewhere.

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