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Shot in the head, put in jail, tortured: Karsevak Jairaj Yadav passed away after fighting death for 32 years, daughters say ‘Ram Mandir a true tribute’

Karsevak Jairaj Yadav was injured when he was shot in the head by police on 22 October 1990, the next day the Mulayam Singh Yadav govt booked him as an accused in the police onslaught on the village

On Monday (22nd January), the idol of Ram Lalla is to be consecrated in the Ram temple under construction in Ayodhya. Hindus across the country and the world are preparing to celebrate a Deepawali-like festival on this occasion, which came after a struggle for Ramjanmabhoomi for 5 centuries.

The Hindu community is remembering those Ram Bhakts who laid their lives for Ram Janmbhoomi from the Mughal period to the Mulayam period. Karsevak Jairaj Yadav was one such Ram Bhakt.

Jairaj Yadav was shot in the Sandpur village of Basti district on 22nd October 1990. He was protesting against the police team entering the village in search of karsevaks and committing atrocities. Subsequently, Jairaj Yadav experienced persistent health issues, ultimately succumbing to them in May 2023. OpIndia paid a visit to Jairaj Yadav’s residence to gather information regarding the present circumstances of his family.

Family living in distress

Martyr Karsevak Jairaj Yadav originally hailed from the Hengapur village in the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. He is survived by 50-year-old widow Radha Yadav, two daughters Khushbu and Chanchal and a son Durgesh. All of Jayaraj’s children are aged between 18 and 24 years.

When the OpIndia team reached their house, Radha and Durgesh had gone out somewhere. Both daughters were present at home. Jayaraj’s family is living in abject poverty.

Numerous sections of the house lacked plaster, and instead of a finished floor, there were brick pebbles. The kitchen items were in a state of disarray. The living conditions were such that for external visitors, the only offering available was water, presented in a broken glass.

Jairaj Yadav was shot in the head

Khushbu Yadav, the younger daughter of the late Karsevak Jairaj Yadav, told us that her mother had narrated to her the true story of her father’s work on Ramjanmabhoomi in her childhood.

During those times, karsevaks from different parts of the country used to stay in the Sandpur village. The villagers used to provide food and shelter to the karsevaks. They would also help karsevaks to cross the river by boat and reach Ayodhya. Meanwhile, someone informed the police. On 22nd October 1990, the police raided this village early in the morning.

When the police could not find any karsevak, they started harassing the women and children. The villagers started protesting this police action. Jairaj Yadav was also involved in this protest. The police force, along with the paramilitary, then opened fire at the protestors.

Khushbu Yadav welled up with tears as she remembered her father. She explained that shrapnel from a police-fired bullet hit her father Jairaj Yadav’s head, causing him to collapse in injury immediately upon being shot.

The police team moved forward to apprehend him and take him along. Simultaneously, a few villagers shouldered the wounded Jairaj Yadav, attempting to move him away from the gunfire. However, the police rushed to snatch him from the villagers.

Jairaj Yadav was sent to jail without better treatment in an injured condition. According to family members, the pellet that hit Jairaj’s head caused pus formation in Jairaj Yadav’s brain. The villagers also claim that Jairaj was brutally tortured at the police station despite being injured.

Jairaj Yadav was made an accused despite being shot at

Jairaj Yadav encountered a dual setback when the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav implicated him as an accused in the police onslaught on the village. On 23rd October 1990, the case was filed based on the complaint by the then SHO Dubaulia. Jairaj Yadav, among numerous villagers from various castes and classes, faced charges under section 7 of the Criminal Act, along with sections 147, 149, 307, 332, 333, 353, and 336 of the IPC.

Jairaj Yadav’s already frail health further deteriorated after learning about the case. Yet, the fellow villagers arrested alongside Jairaj Yadav supported him. This helped him become normal.

Jairaj Yadav mentioned in FIR. Image Source: OpIndia Hindi

In an injured condition, Jairaj Yadav was kept in jail for about 1 month. The family members somehow got him bailed with the help of the villagers. Munnilal Yadav, saddened by the torture on his son, also suffered from many diseases after a few days. About 20 years ago, Jairaj Yadav’s father Munnilal died.

Jairaj Yadav combated against death for 32 years

Jairaj’s elder daughter Chanchal Yadav told us that Jairaj was undergoing treatment since 1990 when he was shot at. She told that some bullet shrapnel was stuck in the head. Due to this, pus had formed in a part of the head. Despite extensive medical care, Jairaj never fully recovered. He lived for approximately 32 years but never managed to regain normalcy. Jairaj was treated from Basti to Lucknow but the bullet shrapnel in the head never allowed him to become normal.

Jairaj’s younger daughter Khushbu Yadav told us, “Our father’s head ached almost every day. He would start screaming in pain. Many times he even fainted. For this reason, we would not send him anywhere alone. After becoming conscious, he used to remain normal for a short time but later suddenly the pain would start.” According to Khushbu, all medicines were ineffective in her father’s treatment. Finally, after fighting death for a long time, Jairaj Yadav passed away on 29th May 2023.

Chanchal and Khushbu Yadav still cry when they remember their late father. Image Source: OpIndia Hindi

Jewelry and fields sold for treatment and lawsuit

Khushbu, the younger daughter of the late Jairaj Yadav, shared that their family’s financial situation is currently dire. The household is facing a shortage even of basic food grains. The extensive medical treatment endured by Jairaj over nearly three decades and the legal proceedings against him compelled the family to sell their jewelry and farmland.

In addition to this, they are burdened with debts amounting to lakhs of rupees, presenting a separate and considerable challenge. Money lenders visit their home daily, demanding repayment. Jairaj Yadav’s dependents are left with some farmland and a house. The family expresses concern that selling these remaining assets would leave them homeless.

Inside Jairaj Yadav’s house. Image Source: OpIndia Hindi

Khushbu Yadav wanted to become a doctor, but had to quit education

All three children of Jairaj Yadav have dropped out of studies. His son Durgesh Yadav is trying to improve the family’s financial condition by doing some job. At the same time, both daughters Chanchal and Khushbu have also stopped going to school due to financial constraints. Khushbu Yadav told us that since childhood she wished to become a doctor but circumstances kept her away from school. Khushbu told that now her first priority is to help her mother. However, after getting some help, the daughters of late Jairaj Yadav are still mentally ready to fulfill their dreams by studying.

The family of late Jairaj Yadav worships by Lord Ram. This family is very happy about the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya. Khushbu and Chanchal Yadav said that their father had sacrificed for Ramjanmabhoomi. Today, the daughters of Jairaj Yadav consider the construction of the temple as a true tribute to their father.

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