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Qatar 2022: Fans demand a refund as FIFA announces ban on beer at World Cup stadiums during the tournament

Qatar initially eased its strict alcohol rules in order to allow Budweiser to sell its products in official Qatar World Cup venues, specifically stadiums and fan zones.

‘Hurts the sentiments of Muslims’: Islamic body opposes permission to sell beer at departmental stores in Jammu and Kashmir

Islamic body, Congress and Mehbooba Mufti condemned J&K decision to permit sale of beer in Departmental Stores

Chandigarh: Complaint filed after video of youths desecrating Shivling goes viral, Bajrang Dal demands action after they poured beer on Shivling

A viral video has emerged where two young people in Chandigarh were seen pouring beer on a Shivling while the song "Bhole Baba" played in the background.

Know all about ‘Beer Yoga’: A phenomenon that has caused widespread outrage among Indians on social media

A video has gone viral online where participants are seen practicing what is called 'Beer Yoga'. It has sparked outrage.

Funny ‘fact check’ video by Fauxy shows guy drinking urine to compare it with Budweiser, beer company sues, Delhi HC rules in company’s favour....

While The Fauxy debunked the claim that Budweiser beer contains urine in a satire video, the company accused it of making the claim

When a few Hindu boys bought Beer in ‘Islamic’ Kashmir: What it meant for this small Kashmiri Hindu township

The conclusion of the meeting was that the Kashmiri Hindu is here to work but they should remember that they are being watched and not indulge in any “Un-Islamic” acts.

Salman Khurshid feels that drinking cow urine is more dangerous than drinking beer

The former Congress minister is not only ignorant about the media distortion but also unaware of the medicinal properties of cow urine

Did Manohar Parrikar really condemn girls drinking beer?

Manohar Parikkar's words were seemingly taken out of context

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