Wednesday, September 29, 2021



AMU imposes life time ban on 5 students for hurting Muslim sentiments

The accused in the past have allegedly mocked other religions as well are self-proclaimed atheists and rationalists.

Freedom of Expression, Muslim appeasement and a brief history of 295(A)

The Congress and the Left are anything but the harbingers of Freedom of Expression

Muslim mob force UP police to arrest youth for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post

Local media reports suggest that police had to run away after seeing the angry mob.

Dear Bengali Hindus, liberal-secular establishment doesn’t care if you die, but do you?

A look at the reactions by the media and 'intellectuals' is enough to conclude that Hindu Lives Don't Matter.

Cow vs Kaaba – the missing spine of ‘liberals’ when it comes to Islam

Four reasons why the liberals don’t have the courage to take on Islamic extremism.

People slam media’s attitude as Jihadi mobs go on a rampage in Bengal’s Basirhat

Basirhat in West Bengal is boiling for the past couple of days after a Facebook post offended Muslims

Basirhat communal riots: Centre seeks report from Mamata government

Union Home Ministry has directed the state government to submit a report on the communal riots.

Pakistan sentences Shia man to death for alleged blasphemy on Facebook

An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Pakistan has awarded the sentence to the accused.

Mob attacks police in Pakistan demanding ‘blasphemous’ Hindu man handed over to them

Police had already arrested the man on charges of blasphemy, but the mob wanted to punish him.

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