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“TM Krishna invented, magnified fault lines”: Trichur Brothers reiterate decision to withdraw from Madras Music Academy. Read their full statement

On 21st March, the Trichur Brothers formally announced their withdrawal from the Annual Conference of the Madras Music Academy.

‘Madras Music Academy President should resign and make way for non-Brahmins’: Ranjani-Gayatri respond to The Hindu’s N Ram for calling them ‘casteist bigots’

The Carnatic Musician sisters mentioned The Hindu’s N Ram, for joining as an 'undeclared spokesperson' and starting a smear campaign branding them as a “bigoted, casteist" for speaking up against TM Krishna.

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin extends support to TM Krishna, accused of glorifying Periyar and vilifying the Carnatic music community

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin extended support to controversial vocalist TM Krishna amid raging row over Sanghitha Kalanidhi award bestowed conferred upon him.

Madras Music Academy: The dark history of how arts has been used to cover up misconducts of various hues

The Sangita Kalanidhi Award announed for TM Krishna by Music Academy presided over by N Murli as drawn outrage from several Hindu maestros

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