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Uorfi Javed calls out Chetan Bhagat, shares his #MeToo chats after Bhagat calls her a ‘distraction’ for the youth

Uorfi Javed, who is popular for her social media presence and unconventional fashion sense, called out author Chetan Bhagat for his remarks where he called Uorfi a 'distraction' for young boys

Chetan + Shut Up = Chup: Read how Chetan Bhagat gives bizarre ‘Mosples’ suggestion, cites Hagia Sophia to talk about mythical ‘conjoined past’

Talking about 'conjoined past' of Hindus and Muslims in India, Chetan Bhagat suggested Mosque+Temple hybrid structures called 'Mosples'

R Madhavan says ‘3 Idiots’ was better than the book, Chetan Bhagat hits back saying he prefers Pulitzer over ‘Pan Masala Award’

A seemingly nasty online spat between R Madhavan and Chetan Bhagat was a gimmick to promote their new Netflix show Decoupled

The problem of non-linearity: What Chetan Bhagat and other liberals keep getting wrong on India’s vaccination rates

Congratulations, Chetan. You now have Sadanand Dhume defending your intellectual contribution. And doing it more eloquently than you ever could.

No, Chetan Bhagat, you don’t get to take credit for India’s record breaking vaccination numbers

Many pointed out to Chetan Bhagat how it was inappropriate to gloat over an article that was more like rooting for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines while dismissing Indian government efforts on vaccination.

Chetan Bhagat and left-leaning ‘intellectuals’ resort to elitist snobbery to attack the critics of the controversial Tanishq advertisement

Tanishq removed its advertisement after criticism mounted against the organisation for subtly promoting 'love jihad' through its commercial

‘If I can, any Indian can win’: Chetan Bhagat takes on the elitist ecosystem, calls out the snobbery of critics

Chetan Bhagat made the elitist ecosystem run for their money in a series of tweets exposing their hypocrisy.

Chetan Bhagat accuses Vidhu Vinod Chopra of bullying him to an extent where he contemplated suicide

Chetan Bhagat, writer, and Anupama Chopra, film critic got into an ugly spat on Tuesday on Twitter where Bhagat alleged that Chopra's husband, filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra bullied him so much that he contemplated suicide.

‘You have to be someone to get insulted bro’: Chetan Bhagat slays Kunal Kamra for his disparaging remark

Unfunny comedian Kunal Kamra, who keeps pulling stunts on Twitter to stay relevant, was today brutally shown his place by Chetan Bhagat.

#MeToo: ‘Who wanted to kiss whom,’ Chetan Bhagat shares email of the woman accusing him of sexual misconduct

He appealed the people who are accusing him to not derail the movement by fake charges

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