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Yemen: More than 80 people die in stampede after Houthis fire gun to control crowds during Ramzan aid distribution

Over 80 people lost their lives in Sanaa, Yemen when an event to distribute money among the poor turned into a stampede.

YouTuber Gaurav Taneja arrested after fans swarm Noida metro station to celebrate his birthday

Gaurav Taneja and his wife invited the fans of the YouTuber to celebrate his birthday at a metro station in Noida.

After denying permission to BJP to hold a core committee meeting, Kerala govt allows Congress to conduct ceremony to induct Congress President

While Kerala govt had denied permission for a BJP meeting with 12 people, they allowed a Congress event with more than 1500 people

Google updates Maps to provide real-time crowd information for public transit amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using the historic data of past riders, Google Maps will predict if the area you want to visit will be crowded or not.

‘I will never be excited again about a crowd after India visit’, says US president Trump as he heaps praise on PM Modi

US President Donald Trump praised PM Narendra Modi calling him a "great guy" who is loved by his countrymen.

Activist demands FIR against Shahrukh Khan for his promotional train ride

The ride undertaken to promote the movie 'Raees' had resulted in widespread chaos and a death.

How the national media acted like clueless idiots over a picture of crowded Rajiv Chowk

National Media was clueless about the featured image used by them. To hide their incompetence, they made it a political story.

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