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Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Modi, in his interview to Indian Express had slammed the 'Khan Market gang'. 
Madhuparna Das, a journalist with Economic Times, shared a video on Twitter where she claimed people were throwing chairs at the venue of the Prime Minister's address in Purulia, West Bengal after getting agitated
HUL is the top advertiser for the week ending November 16, not BJP, which is not even in top 10
Today, Economic Times published an editorial cartoon strip by R Prasad that did just that. Defy decency and reason to pander to this well-entrenched cabal.
Imagine if every wild assertion of every Indian MP were quoted in the foreign press as "Indian official says ..."
The Economic Times has conducted a Local Circles poll involving 40, 000 people in 250 districts
This is not the first time a journalist cheered when a right wing woman was harassed.
Media houses wrongly address civil servants, Congress aides as BJP leaders
A 2009 resolution called for such a disclosure
It appears to be a classic case of factual misreporting
The Economic Times stands totally discredited post UP elections
People have drawn a connection between Akhilesh allocating land to Bennet University and ET publishing pro-Akhilesh reports.
Indian Media maintains a good strike-rate at propagating lies

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