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Eric Garcetti

The US is officially platforming anti-Modi haters like Sayema and Akash Banerjee: Understanding why and what India can do about it

Why should the US platform dynastic sycophants and anti-Modi haters like Sayema or Akash Banerjee? - here is what we can do

US envoy Eric Garcetti pontificates India on PM Modi’s Russia visit: Why America has no moral authority to dictate foreign policies for its allies

The US envoy's unwarranted remarks on the PM Modi-Putin meeting illustrate American hypocrisy of virtue-signalling the entire world while itself being a fervent champion of pursuing self-interests above Western notions of morality.

US ambassador Eric Garcetti pontificates on Manipur violence when his own country has seen 332 mass shootings, over 21000 gun-related deaths in 2023 alone

While Eric Garcetti pontificates on Manipur violence, his own country has seen over 21,000 deaths in gun related incidents in just 6 months of 2023.

“India is in such wonderful hands…”: US Ambassador to India Garcetti praises PM Modi’s leadership

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the US-India 5G and Next Generation Networks Workshop, Garcetti said 5G presents a fantastic opportunity to collaborate towards an open, accessible, and secure technology ecosystem, built on shared values and shared systems. 

‘Troubled to see Rahul Gandhi drooling over China’: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar slams Rahul Gandhi over his Cambridge speech

AM Jaishankar said, "Rahul Gandhi talks admiringly of China. He says China is the greatest manufacturer and says 'Make In India' won't work"

Eric Garcetti, USA wokes, the Biden administration and India: What if we give the US Ambassador the benefit of doubt but have a Plan...

When I first saw video snippets of Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador designate for India, my reaction was also very similar to other nationalist Indians - but there might be more to it

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