Friday, July 19, 2024


ethnic conflict

Manipur: Kuki mob attacks truck after identifying driver as Meitei, sets vehicle on fire

The truck was stopped by a frenzied Kuki mob, who then drove it away and set it ablaze near Alex Farm on National Highway-2 (between Kangpokpi Town and Changoubung).

“The newspaper has murdered all ethical journalism and standards”: Manipur govt slams The Hindu over editorial on ethnic conflict in the state

Manipur government has criticized the editorial published in The Hindu, saying that it lacks a "clear understanding" of deeper issues in the state

Pollsters survey shows the majority of respondents thought the Centre had done its part to bring the Manipur situation under control

The Pollsters survey found that over 57 per cent of the respondents believed Centre took effective measures to control Manipur crisis.

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