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Farm fires

93% of 22,644 stubble burning events from September 15 to November 7 took place in Punjab, Haryana’s share was 7%

For the period from September 5t to November 7, a total of 22,644 stubble-burning events have been recorded, out of which 20978 (93 pc) were in Punjab and 1605 (7 pc) in Haryana

As AAP blames Haryana for pollution in Delhi, data shows Punjab has 6 times the farm fires of Haryana

Punjab has reportedly recorded 65.6% of farm fires as while Haryana has recorded 5.3%, but AAP is blaming Haryana for pollution

Reached to stop farm fires, govt official forced to burn stubble by farmers in Punjab

A group of farmers in Punjab's Bathinda district courted controversy after they allegedly forced a government official, who was part of a team to prevent farm fires, to burn the stubble lying in a field on Friday.

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