Topic: Freedom of Expression

Mevani has said crass things about Narendra Modi several times in the past.
With Social Media becoming an ideological battleground, it has often been noticed that platforms selectively target right-leaning platforms in an ad-hoc fashion.
Sophia had raised slogans inside a Chennai-Tuticorin flight in which Tamilsai Soundararajan was incidentally traveling.
Denying him bail and 14 days judicial custody for mere sarcastic tweets hints of state excess on a private citizen
Babul Supriyo said that several TMC leaders including Asansol Mayor were allowed to enter the event
We have categorically rejected all charges, refused to take the articles down and certainly refused to apologise.
Padma Vibhushan Ilayaraja had expressed his opinion in a Google event which was held in March.
The online series, which released in July this year, had almost immediately made the headlines for allegedly 'defaming the Congress party' over the Shah Bano case.
This is a developing story and we will update this article with details as and when they emerge.
The movie 'Hoichoi Unlimited' starring Deepak Adhikari will be released on October 12th.
There is more to life than the game of Oppression Olympics and Victimology Poker
People in this country usually avoid commenting upon the wisdom of My Lords, but this differential treatment is unpalatable
I watched bits of his primetime show. I felt his views on dissent have evolved between then and now.
One has to respect legal and regulatory norms regarding time, place & occasion while conducting any kind of protest.
Those who like to speak the truth, don't have stomach to hear it.
India is now certainly 'waking to life & freedom' and as the great Swami Vivekananda said, shall not sleep until the goal is achieved.
Self-proclaimed champions of 'freedom of expression' have successfully bullied a questioning voice into silence
Champions of freedom of media, surprisingly, wanted a stay on media reporting of the case.
The Congress too has had a long history of being against freedom of expression
Madhur here recollects the harrowing experience he had when he was hounded by the Congress workers
Congress President Rahul Gandhi could try practicing before tweeting
The outspoken IAS officer has been often in news these days for his views on the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Congress party does not entertain any constructive criticism against the first family of the party.
They are dreaming of unleashing real emergency if they come back to power in 2019.
The clowns who talk about 'undeclared Emergency' do not live under an Emergency. If they did, they would be in jail.
The next time Rahul Gandhi comes talking about Freedom of speech, do try to educate him about his history because media won't

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