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Congress party's merciless clampdown on freedom of expression?
High Court observed that team Wire showed lack of motivation to argue case on merits
Decoding a tweet by Anand Ranganathan to Manish Tewari that has got people’s head spinning
Mamata Banerjee talks about freedom of expression, gets called out.
Won't be too long before Twitter un-verifies Indian Right Wing Twitter handles
It is time one stops eulogizing Jawaharlal Nehru as some apostle of freedom of speech
For the first, time, Gokhale reveals the inner workings of NDTV
She had allegedly received threats online, but the martyr’s daughter is now sending out threats online.
Sushant Sinha, a journalist earlier with NDTV, has written an open letter to ‘unwell’ Ravish Kumar.
Posting anything that Mamata Banerjee government finds offensive on social media could land you in a soup.
Exclusive interview with Madhur Bhandarkar, where he talks about the movie and Bollywood’s hypocrisy.
Film screenings were delayed and cancelled at various places due to protests by Congress supporters.
Anuraag Saxena is a Singapore-based CA & MBA, who runs India Pride Project, which was termed 'communal' by ThePrint.
Islamists were unhappy with articles written by him and have threatened to chop of an arm and a leg.
An FIR has been lodged against an RSS ideologue allegedly for posting a picture of him praying in temple.
if you want freedom, learn to outrage on every assault on freedom of expression.
Emergency of 1975 was not a one time mistake. It was was culmination of a long term project by the Congress party.
The NDTV founder decided to safeguard himself from dissenting views within the media fraternity.
The social activist has responded in detail why the case against her is unjust and has also questioned the silence of some.
The YouTube channel of a popular parody group is getting banned for mocking AAP. Meet the founders.
A whopping 7 accounts were suspended by Twitter India without any clarification
Those who bullied a policewoman for writing a poem are crying for free speech now. What they really want is two tier free speech
Twitter has been throttling voices of a particular ideology
The popular twitter user Sonam Mahajan(@AsYouNotWish) got suddenly suspended yesterday

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