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Bihar: Over 500 state-run schools in Muslim-dominated areas in Seemanchal observe weekly offs on Friday

Arabs in the middle east are slowly transitioning from Friday as the weekend to Sunday as the weekend, however, the situation is totally different in Bihar

Dehradun school declares Fridays as half days, founder MK Hussain withdraws decree after parents and Hindu organisations protest: Full details

A private school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand declares Fridays as half days to pander to the local Muslims in the area, founder MK Hussain apologises after parents outrage

After Jharkhand, 19 state-run schools in Muslim-dominated areas in Bihar’s Kishanganj district observe weekly offs on Friday

Some Jharkhand government schools were lately in the news for creeping Islamisation in the way they observed weekly offs.

Headmaster Khurshid Ahmed converts government school to Islamia School because most students are Muslims

The school observes weekly holiday on Fridays and remains open on Sundays

Minor girl murdered by her own relatives for refusing to offer Friday Namaaz

The motherless girl was living with her aunts as her father was very poor

Censor Board split wide open, Members oppose moral policing by Nihalani

Pahlaj Nihalani goes one step ahead. Along from film-makers, the Censor Board members have also started voicing opinions against him.

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