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Goa Inquisition

After whitewashing Aurangzeb, Audrey Truschke moves on to downplay the Portuguese Inquisition of Goa and atrocities committed against Hindus

Audrey Truschke posted a series of tweets whitewashing the brutal Portuguese Inquisition of Goa.

Inside the world of ‘Saint’ Francis Xavier: From spearheading inquisition of Goa to tormenting the lives of local Hindus

"(Indians) being black themselves, consider their own colour the best, they believe that their gods are black and seem to be as dirty as they are ugly and horrible to look at," Francis Xavier had noted.

How Nehru and Congress had betrayed Goa: Declined to send armed forces, denied support to liberation efforts

From declining sending troops in the struggle for Goa to stopping Indian revolutionaries entering the Portuguese ruled state, Nehru had messed up the liberation of Goa on many levels.

‘Set up a commission of inquiry to investigate crimes of the Church in India, bring law to ban illegal conversions’: Vishwa Hindu Parishad

"The VHP demands that a nationwide inquiry commission like the Niyogi commission should be set up to enquire into the conspiracies of the Church in Bharat and the culprits should be given exemplary punishment", the statement read.

The Goan Inquisition by the Portuguese: A forgotten holocaust of Hindus and Jews

The Portuguese inquisition of Goa is an often forgotten and unspoken event by the ‘secular’ circles of Indian historians, despite various historical records exposing the gross exodus of not just Hindus, but also Jews that had escaped Medieval Europe to take refuge in India.

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