Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Grooming Jihad

Uttar Pradesh: Asif Qureshi becomes Ashish to lure minor Hindu girl for a live-in relationship, arrested from Jaipur

Asif was living with the Hindu girl after signing an agreement for live-in relationship with her using the fake name Ashish

Indore: Afzal poses as ‘Golu’ to trap 15-year-old girl on Instagram, wooed her by saying he does not take intoxicants

The minor girl who was caught while sneaking back into her home revealed that she met Golu (Afzal) through Instagram six months ago and wanted to stay with him.

Grooming Jihad: Minor Dalit girl gang-raped, forcibly fed beef, converted to Islam in Baghpat

On Sunday, the cops arrested accused Shahzad, his parents Harun and Gulfsa, brothers Bilal and Farman, and friend Sameer.

Azamgarh: 17-year-old girl goes missing minutes after talking to one Mohammad Lukmaan on phone, family alleges love jihad

Family of missing minor girl says that she received a call from Mohammad Lukmaan at 12:14 PM, went out at 1 PM and didn't come back

Grooming Jihad in Badaun: Danish becomes Dinesh to marry and forcibly convert a Hindu woman, arrested after the victim files police case

Danish, a young man from Badaun, posed as Dinesh and lured a Hindu girl to marry him, and forced her to convert to Islam after the marriage

Gujarat: Garage owner Mohammad gets woman to marry him by pretending to be unmarried, tries to convert her to Islam

The accused has been booked under the Gujrat Freedom of Religion Act (GFRA), making it the first case registered under the newly enacted anti-conversion law.

Uttar Pradesh: Atif poses as Hindu to befriend minor girl on social media, uses objectional pictures to blackmail her to convert, extort money

Uttar Pradesh police confirmed that despite pressurisation, neither did the minor girl convert nor did she marry the accused

Grooming Jihad: SC issues notice after parents of victim file petition regarding daughter’s safety

SC issued notices to the governments of Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, and the Chandigarh administration in connection to a case of grooming jihad

The sexual objectification of women on Reddit and their dehumanization is further evidence of Grooming Jihad: How platforms are failing to act

Social media platform Reddit has been festering in recent times with vile bigoted propaganda.

‘They were forcing her to eat beef, convert to Islam’: MP man says 6 years after marriage, in-laws have killed his daughter

"She told me that they (husband and in-laws) have been forcing her to eat beef, learn Urdu and convert to Islam," the victim's father added.

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