Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Grooming Jihad

Gujarat: Akhtar, father of 5 children, poses as ‘Mukesh’ to lure and marry a young Hindu girl, tries to forcibly convert her to Islam

50 year old Mohammed Akhtar Sheikh posed as Mukesh Gupta to lure a 22 year old Hindu girl to marry, later tried to convert her to Islam

Grooming Jihad in Farrukabad: Zahid becomes Ravi to entrap, marry and convert Hindu woman

The Farrukabad victim has accused Zahid and his family members of mentally and physically torturing her after marriage.

Marathi actress Neha Khan reveals how her Hindu mother was tortured after becoming the third wife of a Muslim man

Neha Khan, a Marathi actor, recalls her Hindu mother's pains and struggles following marriage with a Muslim man with two wives already

Marrying non-Muslim is not allowed in Sharia, marry within the community: AIMPLB tells Muslims of India

The AIMPLB stated in the statement that marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is religiously wrong, and according to Sharia Law, it is not permissible in Islam.

How mainstream media continues to whitewash forced religious conversion in the name of ‘love’

That hiding one's religious identity to lure a woman into relationship and using coercion to convert people to a different faith is criminal behaviour is lost upon the 'liberals' of our mainstream media

‘India’s left is wedded to Islamic right’: Nitin Gupta Rivaldo speaks on the cancer of Grooming Jihad

Comedian Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ is back with yet another video expounding on the ideology that fuels and whitewashes the scourge of grooming jihad in India.

UP: Naushad rapes minor Dalit for 7 months under pretext of marriage, threatened her to convert, undergo abortion

Dalit girl's father approached the police after Naushad and his father threatened him with dire consequences.

Allahabad High Court observes religious conversion of majority population weakens the country

Religious conversion for the sake of marriage is against the Indian constitution, observed Allahabad High Court.

Grooming Jihad in Uttarakhand: Four youths arrested in Almora for luring a minor Hindu girl to allegedly kidnap her

Kasif, Armaan, Sane Alam and Farman have been booked for “abduction and molestation” and under POCSO Act for luring aminor Hindu girl

Force, deceit and propaganda: Watch Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ try and demystify the evil designs behind forced conversion of minor Hindu girls

Nitin Gupta talks about the rise in cases of forceful conversions of minor Hindu girls, highlights cases of Grooming Jihad

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