Sunday, May 9, 2021



Obama attacks Modi on Religious Intolerance? Really?

Once again spin doctors try to twist a statement by Obama to make it anti-Modi

Kumar Vishwas – Victim or Habitual Offender of making controversial remarks?

Kumar Vishwas seems to have a penchant for making remarks which get him in trouble.

Aman ki Asha? Try #RapePublicDay

While some of our "intellectuals" are still pining for Aman Ki Asha with Pakistan, Pakistanis on Twitter trend #RapePublicDay to denigrate India on her Republic Day.

Did Vice President Hamid Ansari really insult the Indian flag on Republic Day?

Did Ansari deliberately not salute the Indian national flag owing to his religious beliefs? Find out the truth of the matter.

Disgrace, Duality and Dirt behind the Kashmiri Pandits’ cleansing

Homeless in their homeland, Kashmiri Pandits have been played like a tool between ideologies, religion and boundaries.

With leaders like Ashutosh, who needs Opposition

Ashutosh and his faux pas on Twitter

Pope’s new Commandment: Thou shalt not kill, but “Punching in face” is okay

Pope Francis's statements showed that he justified violence in response to verbal criticism. Will this strengthen the arms of religious extremists all over the world, across faiths?

Competitive Copulation: All Religions want more kids

For every Sakshi Maharaj "have 4 kids" statement, you will find similar statements from other religious leaders, but sadly, no one gives them the spotlight they deserve.

Muslim cleric in India leads special prayer to praise Charlie Hebdo killers

A Muslim cleric in Hyderabad has led a funeral prayer, where he praises the murder of cartoonists the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

What kind of Modi fan are you?

To Left-Liberals, Modi fans are all BJPTards or ModiTards, but we realise that there are quite a few different species of Modi fans. Which one are you?

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